VoIP & Hosted Telephony

The latest business phone systems support VoIP telephony which offers a number of benefits over traditional phone systems. Get Comms Right, Hosted VoIP solutions are inherently flexible and scalable, translating into opportunities for significant operational benefits and efficiencies – as well as long-term cost-savings


Basic VoIP phones come with call forwarding, hunt groups, personal mailboxes and an IVR system. VoIP implementation is simple and the platform we use to oversee the network user-friendly. Control your own system, or call and use our support team to maintain updates on the network.


Hosted Voice over IP

Hosted VoIP gives every business, regardless of the size the professional tools to maintain a fluid stream of business continuity. Be it working remotely, collaborating between multiple office locations, or having unlimited access to call reporting. Hosted VoIP offers a solution to suit every business. Using cloud-based technology, hosted VoIP can provide companies with a secure network, trusted with confidential customer information and trade secrets, built in disaster recovery solutions, call recording and an elaborate, but user-friendly IVR system.


SCCP (Skinny Client Control Protocol)

SCCP or ‘skinny’ for short, is considered a ‘lightweight’ IP-based protocol and call management tool used for VoIP devices. This type of VoIP is a proprietary network that easily coexists in a multiple protocol environment. This service does not support video conferencing.


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP is a communications protocol for which was originally developed for application of multimedia calls including video conferencing and instant messaging over IP. This simplistic system has basic call functions between two or more end-points.

What We Can Offer

We not only provide you with the right telecommunications but we also supply and install the latest technology, always keeping you up to date with your communications.