Managed Broadband Internet Services

Your internet choices should be made based on the number of users and types of services requiring connectivity. In order to determine the appropriate internet solution for your business, call and talk to one of our professional technical team.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
DSL technology
Allows more data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines than compared to traditional modern lines
Can provide up to 24mb bandwidth
FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)
Connects copper phone cable to fibre optic cables to increase speed of your broadband connection
Referred to as “super-fast broadband”
Offers 80mb download and 40mb upload
Uses fibre optic cable from the local telephone exchange to connect to the nearest street side cabinet to your property
FTTP (Fibre to the Premises, also known as Fibre)
Provides end to end fibre optic connections the full distance from the exchange to the building
Delivers faster speeds than FTTC
EFM (Ethernet first Mile)
Offers dedicated (or guaranteed) bandwidth
Bandwidth size is not flexible within contract
Symmetrical bandwidth 10mb upload and 10mb download
Provides SLA (Service Level Agreement) which is only given for EFM & Fibre Bonded services
Bonded services
Splitting up data at the packet level
Benefits include increased uptime and more bandwidth, without having to send data in any specifically different way to normal
Single IP address for the entire connection, regardless of how many lines are up or down
Line of Sight
Used when you don’t want to be tied to a fixed line
Uses secure wireless point to point technology
More cost effective than traditional leased lines
Easy to upgrade bandwidth
No interruptions
Mobile Internet Solutions

GSM Routers (Global System Mobile communications), can provide 3g and 4g connectivity via major mobile networks through GSM dual-sim routers and dongles. These on-the-go solutions are great for off-site festivals, temporary offices, and to use as disaster relief in case of internet failure. GCR offers GSM Routers and Dongles both for purchase and rental.

What We Can Offer

We not only provide you with the right telecommunications but we also supply and install the latest technology, always keeping you up to date with your communications.