Hosted Desktops

Hosted services are the future. Whatever the size of company our services will be tailored to your needs. Hosted services offer security, support, flexibility as well as being customisable for when your business grows and expands! As well as being a helpful service, it is also cost-efficient which everyone loves! Ease the pressure off of your internal teams from having to carry out time-consuming routeing maintenance and focus on expanding the business and let Get Comms Right take care of your hosting!

With a hosted desktop in the cloud, staff can work from anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection, this increases flexibility in the working environment and can also assist with BYOD adoption.

Scales your infrastructure at the click of a button
Built in virtual networking
Build hybrid solutions with on-premise systems
Monthly subscriptions, only pay for what you use

What We Can Offer

We not only provide you with the right telecommunications but we also supply and install the latest technology, always keeping you up to date with your communications.