Cloud Business Continuity & DR

Critical data is the lifeblood for most businesses. The ability for business to continue after a failure needs to be the focus of the business continuity plan, many businesses backup daily without ever attempting a restore.

Our cloud-based backup and restore solution can provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to your customers. After an initial seed, we only ever need to take the changed data, this reduces bandwidth usage and backup window time. Using the GCR Cloud, these backups can be restored quickly to a private virtual environment in the event of a site outage, or restored to a virtual environment locally from a local backup cache if only a single server fails. This means that the disruption from even the worst business disasters can be largely mitigated thanks to fast restore in our data centres.

Utilising our extensive cloud service platform, we are capable of both storing your data for regular backups and offering cutting-edge business recovery services that meets the criteria of enterprise-level DR.

What We Can Offer

We not only provide you with the right telecommunications but we also supply and install the latest technology, always keeping you up to date with your communications.