Cloud Backup

Secure Online Backup is a reliable and secure alternative to using traditional tape methods to safeguard your data. Using online backup, you know your business' critical data is safely offsite on a schedule that meets your business needs.

GCR Backup is a flexible backup solution that allows you to deploy our software in the way that best fits your business. These deployments include backup to online storage directly from your servers for smaller environments, for larger environments we offer backup appliances for fast local backups that can be trickled either up to our cloud storage or off to an GCR Backup installation installed in a remote location.

Benefits of our online backup software
Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recover for on-premise, remote backup and cloud disaster recovery
Cut recovery times with our fast restore feature that allows fast recovery of both physical and virtual machines
UK based support, our support team are available around the clock to help with technical issues and disaster recovery actions.
Overview of features
Protection for virtual environments - Backup both VMware and Hyper-V at the host level
Crash consistent application backups - Our range of backup agents allow application integration for crash consistent backups
Fast restore - Restore from a failed server quickly with bare metal and P2V restore features
Highly flexible architecture - GCR Backup can be deployed in a multitude of ways to give you the backup solution that best fit

What We Can Offer

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